Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It all starts again.

The B and C list heroes. The other guys. The ones not quite good enough for their own endorsement deal. The ones that people go “Who?” when they hear their chosen code name.


You know them. The guy who can just run pretty fast. The girl who can talk to fish, but not breathe underwater. The stretchy guy, you will always run into a stretchy guy somewhere.


The people and teams that patrol the mean streets of Century City, Bozeman, Cleveland, or El Paso.

These stories are about them.


Well maybe not those guys exactly, but someone pretty close.


Hello readers… All 2 of you. At least I think there are 2 of you left who check here occasionally…
After way too long of a time away I am picking this back up again. Life slowed back down and got closer to sane levels, and my imagination has being clamoring for an outlet for again. I have been rewriting, fleshing out and editing all of the old stuff on here to get my brain back into the swing of things. It feels like it is working.
So starting for the next few months I will be posting up chunks of the stories every Tuesday. It will be larger chunks than before, so they will get up faster. The larger chunks will probably continue up to January then posts of probably around 1/3rd of the size you will see will start appearing with all new material.
Also, I will be pulling the old unedited first drafts of everything before the new stuff goes up. That way everyone who is a new reader isn’t confused by the old clutter. I am archiving the good ones with the helpful comments though. Too much good info to get rid of.
So kick back and relax.
Tuesday everything starts all over again. Better than before.