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Emerald City Defenders Episode 1.1

It was an early spring day in the city of Seattle. A light drizzle fell from the bright overcast afternoon sky. The streets of down town were slick with the rain that had been falling since earlier this morning. Strangely the streets were devoid of traffic in the heart of the city and very few cars were parked on the curb, even less than you would expect even with the recent meter rate hike.

A low continuous crashing sound interspersed with an occasional bellow-like high pitched keening noise echoed through the empty streets, seeming to come from everywhere at once. A series of explosions briefly overpowered the other noise and the ground shook underfoot.

A high pitch whistle started far in the cloud filled sky overhead. It sounded almost exactly like the falling sound made by a cartoon coyote when it fell from a cliff. It got louder as a black speck in the sky became visible and rapidly grew in size as it sped toward the empty street. The black speck resolved itself into a metallic armored humanoid figure with a midnight blue cape. The figure fell limply and crashed into the street below plowing a furrow in the wet concrete and asphalt coming to rest in a crater of debris half way through the sidewalk.

The shining dark steel power armored figure covered in a tangle of heavy cape, concrete and dirt laid motionless for ten or fifteen seconds before the first signs of life began to appear.

A dark blue light traced, slowly at first then pulsing with more speed, the seams of the armor highlighting the knight like form. From the segmented tank like breastplate to the square toed highly armored feet, all the way to the large angular shoulder pauldrons, to which the thick fabric like cape was attached. The armor gave a full body twitch sending a shower of road fragment flying as it rebooted. The shiny metallic head with the grooved half mask covering the lower portion of the face pivoted from left to right as its yellow pupils dilated, the camera like iris fading up from a pale to a bright yellow glow, in the eye sockets of its human like upper face. The gauntleted knightly styled hands flexed and made fists as mobility slowly returned.

It was just under a minute before the armor rose to its feet, the rubble cascading down to the pavement. A remarkable achievement when you looked back at the ten foot long four foot deep trench it created when it came crashing back to earth into account.

A deep rumbling bass voice rumbled from it as the technological knight surveyed his surroundings. “Thank goodness for redundant systems. I might have been stuck there for quite a while. And right now the city needs me.” He looked around. “Hmm, ten blocks. It seemed like I had gone quite a bit farther while I was traveling up.”

He held his arm out at an angle and made a clasping motion with is right hand, as if grabbing an invisible handle. For a brief moment nothing seemed to happen then a five long foot black blade appeared instantly in his hand. The blade seemed to be composed of the darkness of deep space; it looked un earthly the way light seemed to ignore it causing it to stand out in sharp contrast to the rest of its surroundings. As if to highlight its unreal nature small black spheres the diameter of nickels and dimes seemed to wink in and out of existence along the edges. They also clustered in a swirling mass congregated at the end near where the blade seemed to be gripped by the dark steel gauntlet. The blade appeared for only a second or two before it began to flicker becoming opaque and then winked out completely, causing the racing blue tracers on the armor to flicker and stall for a moment.

“The blow and the fall must have shorted out some of the circuitry. I don’t have time to wait. Hopefully the auto-repair systems can have it in working order by the time I get back to the beast. And if not I can always batter it with my fists. No one will say that Forever Knight didn’t give it his utmost.”

The Forever Knight turned on his heel his sensors orienting him to the source of the keening bellows and began to lope down the street, causing even more potholes for the cities already beleaguered road maintenance crew to take care of, in long bounding strides towards the source of Seattle’s most recent peril.


Another keening bellow ripped out of the creature and rattled through the city at a deafening volume. Setting off distant car alarms and causing all the remaining birds in a five mile radius to flee in terror.

The beast stood four stories tall and seemed to be a horrible amalgamation of crab and squid. Its spined, sickly olive green carapace had cream colored edges and highlights. The carapace was slick with ooze and slime that seeped out of the mottles and warty skin of its non-armored flesh. It perched upright on four armored tentacles that acted as legs. The tentacles were covered in giant plate sized suckers that tore up the street and storefronts as it moved through town. Additional tentacles sprouted in the gap between its shells and grasped cars, tossing them up into the air and to be neatly severed into chunks with oversized grasping pincers.

The gills spaced around the gap between the back and front carapaces fluttered as the beast made its keening cry, thrashing its multiple sets of tendril arms wildly at everything near it and including the annoying bothersome people attacking it. Its bulbous stalked eyeballs swiveled trying to focus independently on different targets.

Considering Forever Knight was gone the rest of the Emerald City Defenders weren’t doing too badly.

 AI-leen hovered in the air firing beams of energy at the vulnerable flesh between the creatures two half shells and trying to blind the beast with flashing lights. All the while calling out tactical advice to her teammates using bright hard light billboards she formed near them

Necessity on the other hand used device after device on the creature, everything from ice grenades thrown at its gill/mouths, to a pudding that exploded when a certain amount of pressure was placed on it, to rocket propelled net launchers fired at its supporting leg tentacles, all the while circling overhead thanks to her dual turbofan back pack.

Harmonic bravely stood, arms outstretched, in the center of the street and used his power to combine the ambient noise to augment his voice, and act as a background band. He sang almost continuously at a deafening volume trying to use the wall of sound he generated to keep the ocean born menace from advancing any further into the city proper. Harmonic did his best not to flinch at the debris that the creature threw his way all the while singing his own versions of the most vocally intense songs he had memorized; from Ronnie James Deo’s Number of the Beast, to Down with the Sickness from Disturbed and even Rainbow’s Man from the Silver Mountain.

Expresso meanwhile zipped back and forth using his super speed to protect Harmonic from everything thrown his way; even snatching pebbles and rocks out of the air with his bare hands seconds before they would hit his companion. To the remaining people hiding in the surrounding buildings it looked like a pale brown blur zigzagged tornado-like keeping a center of calm free of chaos in the raging battle.

Necessity broadcast on the frequency that AI-leen monitored for skirmishes; “This isn’t working. We are at best holding it at bay. Definitely not driving it back to the sound.” She lobbed another ice grenade at the thing, missed, and watched it fall to the ground forming a thick sheet of ice in front of the beast causing the suckers on the lower legs to only lose adhesion to for a few brief moments.

An electronically generated female voice replied almost instantly in the com built into her light brown leather aviator’s cap. “I agree. At best even with Forever Knights help we would need something unexpected to get it off guard and gain positive momentum in this battle. I am running multiple calculations and scenarios with the collective in Redmond as we speak. Also please note Harmonic may not last much longer than seven minutes at his current level.”

Necessity turned down the exterior sound dampener for a few moments to listen to Harmonic’s voice. She heard the strains of Van Halen’s Welcome to the Jungle. “Oh no. Welcome to the Jungle... That means he is two or three songs tops away from Ave Maria. He has been practicing on his strength and in a normal fight I wouldn’t be concerned. But I have never heard him hold this volume level for so long. I might be worried for him, but it is kinda inspiring.” She said with concern in her voice. “Plus the Crab-topus doesn’t even seem to be tiring.”

“Crab-topus..?” The mechanical voice seemed curious.

“I’m an inventor.” She paused lobbing another rocket net at the creature. “I made things up. Why not words?”

Forever Knight chose that moment to rejoin the fray. The power armored warrior charged out of an alleyway behind the beast the blue tracers of his armor pulsing strongly. His metal clad legs pumped like pistons and his cape flapped behind him as he chopped into a supporting leg. The black energy blade flickered slightly as it scored a line in a segmented armored tentacle. The Crab-topus gave it’s keening cry once again and flicked out a tentacle/leg at Forever Knight who dodged it and swiped at it with his sword, cutting a few of few feet off of the end of it.

This duel between the Emerald City Defenders and the Crab-topus went on for a few more minutes and one song with neither side giving ground. When the game changer that AI-leen was needing happened.


An explosion, so loud it was heard even over the wall of sound that Harmonic was generating, erupted from the docks on the south side of the city. Necessity looked over her shoulder in that direction but didn’t see any sign of flames, just a large cloud of smoke and dust.

Using the built in magnificators in her goggles she couldn’t immediately see anything amiss other than the cloud. Not that she gave it a lot of attention, being that she was still concerned with not being a meal of the raging Crab-topus in front of her. But glancing back and forth repeatedly, as she dodged, she soon spied something unexpected. The black smoke cloud seemed to be heading their direction, weaving down the streets and around buildings. As the smoke go closer she could see that a large figure moved in front of it. A figure that was nearly the same size as the creature that they were currently facing.

“AI-leen! We have trouble! I think there might be another one of them and it is doing something different! And I think it is heading this way! I think it might be a Class 5!”

A pulse of flickering light and data streamed out of AI-leen towards their new adversary. In a calm voice she relayed her findings to Necessity and Forever Knight’s internal coms.

“The figure approaching us is a non-organic biped. I can state with one hundred percent certainty that it is not another Crab-topus. Wither or not it is a Class 5 cannot be determined at this time. Due to it returning conflicting sensor readings I cannot give you a definitive answer on what it actually is. Some of the signal appears to be blocked by strong shielding while other portions pass through it as if it did not have any shielding at all. It is most perplexing.” The whole time she was giving her data to her companions AI-leen continued to weave and dodge firing the occasional hampering pulse at the legs or eyes of the Crab-topus in front of her. “Something else of note; It is emitting a strange and powerful sonic signature. I believe you will be able to hear it above Harmonics aural assault in less than ten seconds, which indicates its sonic level.”

Five blocks away the noise could be heard. It sounded like all the monster trucks in a monster truck show revving and idling their engines in synchronization.

Four blocks away the bipedal figure was close enough to make out. It was a three and a half story tall metal robot. It seemed to be built out of rusty scrap metal, organic looking alien tech and junked cars. There was no visual cohesion to the thing at all.

Bent bondo colored auto hoods and fenders covered the entirety of the left arm, which ended in an over-sized claw that looked like it came from a piece of construction equipment. While the right arm was made out of black and purple techno-organic sinew coiled around and underneath bright orange semitransparent carapace that ended in a segmented four fingered hand. The main torso was a mishmash of battleship plating, more chunks of the alien carapace and what looked like the grill of a fifties pickup truck, with the head lights still attached and on at full brightness. The legs that propelled this scrap pile nightmare weren’t much better. Some effort was made to color coordinate with the car parts on the thighs. But that color happened to be the baby blue of the reshaped fenders riveted on top of the grey battleship plating. It turned out that the cloud of black smoke that followed it was actually being generated by the stacks of mismatched exhaust pipes jutting from the back and shoulders. What really set it off was the head. Perched on a neck of black and purple sinew was a nineteen fifty eight Cadillac Fleetwood painted in a glossy candy apple red, complete with whitewall tires, also with its headlights on. A figure with dark sunglasses and a wild mop of yellow hair could be seen in the driver’s seat.

Necessity gasped. “It’s a MEGAS!”

Dodging another swiping arm Forever Knight enquired “AI-leen?”

“MEGAS: Mechanically Engineered Gigantic Android Soldier. This one appears to be crafted out of Vrall tech and more mundane materials. It might be able to take the Crab-topus, even with its poor craftsmanship, especially if…”

Before she could finish she was interrupted by a high pitch whine of a microphone becoming active. “Hey Defenders!” An enthusiastic male voice exclaimed at incredible volume from the MEGAS. “I’m Dale! And this here beast is The Mighty Metal Mechanoid! I figured you could use a hand! It’s time to Rock!” The word rock was said in a poor, but enthusiastic, imitation of the metal falsetto which many singers have used over the years.

The right arm of the giant robot flew up above its "head" and flashed the universal symbol for heavy metal with its four fingered hand. The rock devil horns. Then music kicked in at a tremendous volume, which it so happened to be the opening notes of Painkiller by Judas Priest, and the engines revved up sounding like the accelerators of a dozen monster trucks hitting the floor at the same time. Harmonic's rendition of Bodies and the new sound assault from the MEGAS proved too much for the glass in two block radius. Every pane of glass simultaneously shattered as the battle was joined by the new combatant.

Forever Knight dodged out of the way from the two titans as the sea behemoth was tackled from behind by the metal monster.

“How did this even happen?” He sighed into his helmet.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Swords of Power

Arondight – Sir Lancelot’s sword


The sword looks like a functional and lethal warriors weapon with a dark pommel and cross guard. Close inspection of the latter reveals faded and worn water motifs of waves, shells and water life. The blade itself always maintains it’s bright flawless mirror like polish, a quick flick makes all paint, mud and other similar material slide off like water. The edge of the blade glows with a faint blue light when not in active use, while the whole blade itself glows a brighter blue when in active use.

Arondight is said to enhance the wielder’s natural abilities to beyond normal men. And to give a supernatural fighting ability. It is sometimes paired up with Lancelot’s shield, which grants the bearer the “unflagging endurance and the strength of three men.”


Current user is Crusader a member of Storm Patrol in Seattle.


Excalibur aka Caledfwlch – King Arthur’s sword


From the Dream of Rhonabwy –“Then they heard Cadwr Earl of Cornwall being summoned, and saw him rise with Arthur's sword in his hand, with a design of two chimeras on the golden hilt; when the sword was unsheathed what was seen from the mouths of the two chimeras was like two flames of fire, so dreadful that it was not easy for anyone to look. At that the host settled and the commotion subsided, and the earl returned to his tent.”

It’s abilities are unknown.

Excalibur has only been used by one man. That is King Arthur himself. It waits for him to be reborn to reclaim it.



Shén zhī jiàn aka the Sword of God – Atilla the Hun’s Scimitar


The Roman historian Jordanes, quoting the work of the historian Priscus, gave the story of its origin:

"When a certain shepherd beheld one heifer of his flock limping and could find no cause for this wound, he anxiously followed the trail of blood and at length came to a sword it had unwittingly trampled while nibbling the grass. He dug it up and took it straight to Attila. He rejoiced at this gift and, being ambitious, thought he had been appointed ruler of the whole world, and that through the Sword of Mars supremacy in all wars was assured to him.”

The Sword of God is very deadly scimitar that has a bronze pommel and elaborate abstract etchings along its blade. When it is used it always seems to catch the sun’s light and flash and sparkle.

The user is said to gain great charisma, stamina, the power to turn invisible and the ability to summon a flying spectral steed, sometimes known as the King of Ghost Horses.


It is being used by a man also called The Sword of God in the northern region of China.



Heaven’s Gift – The arming blade of Joan of Arc


Heaven’s Gift is the most unassuming and plain of all the Swords of Power. It looks like a simple knights arming blade made out of a dull redish metal with a black crude forged pommel and grip that are a single piece. The grip is wrapped in a stained white cloth.

Fire is the source of this weapon’s power. An interesting quirk of the sword is that it can only be used by a woman. A man trying to use it will get burned. When activated the user is given wings of fire and is surrounded by a corona of fire and flame that does not harm her but will hurt her foes. The sword has an ability called the Dragon’s Breath, which produces a cone of flame at the users demand. Unlike most of the other weapons it does not enhance the users natural abilities in any way.


The current user is unknown.


Taming Sari – The Kris blade of Hang Tuah


The Taming Sari kris, which was named after its original owner an invincible Javanese warrior also named Taming Sari, has a unique construction. It is constructed out of twenty-one different types of metal forged into a unique dark iron colored alloy. It has a solid polished wood handle of dark stained wood. The wavy triangle shaped blade seems to shimmer internally.

 This magic blade has more properties than the other blades, making it one of the most powerful.  It empowers its owner with invincibility, grants him the ability to turn ethereal at will and move with great speed. It was said that Taming Sari could do the bearer’s fighting for him - if the bearer was menaced or in any danger, the kris would leap out of its sheath, fly through the air and attack the assailant.


Its current whereabouts are unknown


Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi ("Grass Cutting Sword) – the Blade of Yamato Takeru


A fine simple looking Katana made of a white metal and a red wrapped hilt, the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi is one of the finest swords ever created by Japanese sword masters. It is always accompanied by a fine black lacquered wooden sheathe. It’s simple appearance belies its strength and power.

The Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi gives its wielder the ability to control the wind itself. It has the need to make its new master prove him or herself before unleashing its true abilities. When the blade is mastered it enables to user to fly and summon whirlwinds at will in addition to the wind powers.


Its current whereabouts are unknown


Hungering Tooth – The Macuahuitl of Tlacaelel


A primitive vicious looking weapon made of sharp obsidian points imbedded in a blood stained wooden blade the shape of a cricket bat. It is worn and damaged looking but has a resilience that prevents it from breaking. It has a handle wrapped in dried shark skin. Of the eight Swords of Power it is debatable if it or the Crocea Mors is the elder.

Rage. Power. Strength. The three words that describe this weapon. Its user gains a great strength and resistance and becomes capable of berserk blind rages. The blade hungers for blood and drives its users to destroy the weak and those it considers beneath it. And in its centuries of use has been quenched with the blood of an innumerable horde. The Hungering Tooth is said to actually be possessed by a malign intelligence.


Its current user is Blood Wrath who haunts the larger cities of the eastern coast of the United States.



Crocea Mors – The Gladius of Julius Caesar

The Crocea Mors, which is Latin for Yellow Death, is a shiny steel gladius forged by Rome’s finest metal workers during the height of Caesar’s reign. It has a soft white suede handle that is lightly wrapped in a thin bronze cabling. The rounded pommel and the hilt are decorated with the imperial eagle, tooled in the golden iron. It is a fighting general’s weapon. Both ceremonial and functional.

The bearer of this weapon gains great personal magnetism and charisma, limited precognition and supreme mastery of battle in all its forms. Be it the court or the skirmish lines. It is also said that everyone cut by the blade would weaken and die, their strength wasted away.


Its current owner is unknown.


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Powers Classification System

Here is my Powers Classification System.

(That’s right, all caps)


How it is set up is using Source and Effects.

Source is how you gain or have the power. Effects is the use broken down into finer sub classifications.

To use example of two heroes we have seen:

Betony is a H:MyChV

Her power source is Hereditary, thus the H

The effects of her power are a description of her magic. Mystical (My), because it is magic oriented, Channeled (Ch), because she has to preform rituals to focus and cast it, and Variable (V), because it has many different uses.


While Roland is a E:PsiBM

His power comes from an Experiment (E)

His power effects are Psionic (Psi), because well he has psychic powers, Biological (B), because they originate within his own body not an outside source, and Mental (M), because of heightened mental facilities that the experiment has given him.

As you can see I am trying to be semi vague but give the system room to flex for the core rating. Afterward I can break down individual specifications with ratings from 1 to 10. 0 being baseline human. Anything higher than that is considered an extraordinary ability. The individual specifications for the heroes or villains I take care of as I create them.


This is what I have so far.




In the previous incarnation of this blog we had a good conversation about the powers and how they were combined and identified.

I have cleaned it up and posted it down below here for greater clarification. (Special thanks to Oliver and Oiliver. Yep 2 of them.)If you have ideas or questions of your own please post them in the comments.




Questions and Answers


If Experiment covers the results of mad science, I assume Bestowed is for powers gifted by other entities (gods or spirits or whatever)?

Correct to both.

And Accident would be... the guy who gets hit by lightning and gets superpowers for no particular reasons? What about the guy who trips in a vat of radioactive goo/applied phlebotinum and starts throwing cosmic energy around, is he Accident or Experiment?

Both of these would be accidents. Unless he was experimenting on himself. And due to his procedures it happened. Then that would be classified as an Experiment.

What's the difference between Paranormal, Supernatural and Mystical?

Paranormal are Vampires, Werewolves and other Mythical creatures.

Supernatural is power or ability granted by a higher being that keeps on passing on from 1 generation to the next. (From here to eternity you and your descendants will have the ability to speak to frogs.)

 Mystical is magic use or magic based abilities.


What is Bestowed?

Bestowed is sort of a 1 off/first generation gift from a higher being. (I am choosing you to be the avatar of Laundry and Freedom) That ability stops with you and can be taken away at any time by that higher being.


What's Intuitive?

The person who picks up a TV remote and knows exactly every function of it and how it works. And who knows how to make it shoot laser beams with minimal modification. A gadetieer who makes things that science says cannot work is highly Intuitive.


Is Intuitive limited to the mad science? What about ESP? Precognition, clairvoyance... just knowing stuff.


Intuitive would go with them perfectly as well as something like knowing a martial art due to watching it in action in a movie. Or being a locater. (I don't know how, but I know the secret Vault is over there.)


Is Enhancement about people whose power lets them get a boost from normal, or is that covered by the number stuff?

Enhancement is an all-around boost to someone’s physical and mental abilities. They become essentially a better version of themselves. It covers a lot of small upgrades. Not any of which separately are enough for their own classification. You might heal a bit faster, or be a bit stronger or faster.

Energy is, what, shooting stuff? How about a force-field, is that Energy? Cause if I get two guys with the same A:E rating but one of them can only defend himself and the other can melt my face, that's a pretty significant difference. Or is it Creative? Is Creative about creating material stuff or would it include a psychic construct or whatever (something solid made out of "energy", to use the comic book term, instead of matter)?

Energy is eyebeams, beams shooting out of your hand, or armor constructed out of energy itself. A force field if coming out of a person is energy. A force field if coming out of your battle armor or O:E (Object: Energy) I am using it as sort of a catchall that gets explained in the details.

Both the guys in your example would have A:E, But Guy 1 would have Defense 4 added, while guy 2 would have something like Offensive 4, maybe Beam 4 or Caustic 4 because of the face melting part.

Creative is making your suit of battle armor, or a chemical that will make you grow 10 feet tall and purple and go smashy smash. Creative would also cover energy constructs. Made from your space... belt, an energy constructive space belt user would have O:CrEC, or something very close to that depending on his origin story


What about someone who's limited to manipulating existing stuff instead of creating his own? Someone who creates a flame out of nowhere is rated E, but what about Pyro from the X-Men?

Good one with Pyro. Maybe something like M:ElVCr? While he doesn't create it he can make it do whatever he wants. He would have something like Fire 1 Control 4 as sub classifications.


What's the difference between Scientific and Technical?


Scientific is using math to figure out that there is a parallel dimension full of brain eating vampires. (Reed Richards) Or what a detective would use to track a brain eating vampire serial killer. (Batman)

Technical is building a machine to travel there and let the brain eating vampires out and the suit of battle armor to fight them. (Tony Stark)


Correct me if I'm wrong: Biological means your powers come from your body and Physical means your powers affect your body?


Biological more meant it was a part of you/generated from you without any outside help.
Physical was more super strength, invulnerability, regeneration, super speed and powers along those lines. Your powers effected by your body.


How about draining? Draining ambient heat, draining electricity, draining your enemy's life force... It might be used to recharge your powers or simply be its own end.


Draining would be a form of Energy with the sub classification of draining or leech






Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bio: Crusader


Public Persona: Crusader

Secret Identity: Aaron Lakes

Affiliation: Storm Patrol

Base of Operations: Seattle

Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington

Age: 24

Nationality: American 



Gender: Male

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 200 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black


Powers Classification: O:MyEnF, Speed – 2, Strength – 2, Defense – 3, Power – 2, Luck - 2

*Object: Mystical, Enhancement, Fortune


Occupation: Pizza Delivery Driver for Poppy’s Pizza/ College student

Favorite Food: Triple Bacon Cheese Burger

Favorite Music (Public): Cream

Favorite Music (Private): Van Halen (with Sammy Hagar)

Favorite Color: Green

First Appearance: Episode 1.1




 Aaron is the holder of Arondight one of the Eight Swords of Power, the blade that first belonged to Sir Lancelot, a knight of the Round Table.

 As he tells it Aaron bought the sword out of the back of a pick up on the side of the road out in the middle of nowhere from a man presumed to be the Forge Master for a small amount of money. Within the first few days of his ownership of the sword he was visited in his dreams by Ninianne, The Lady of the Lake, who begins to instruct him in the basic uses of Arondight and what his duties as its bearer are. Every time he used the sword for combat she visits again to help him refine his technique through duels with her in the dreamscape and reviews of his tactics, she can be harsh of her appraisal of his abilities.

 When he is not in class trying to get his teaching certificate Aaron uses his delivery job to act as a cover for his heroic activities. It enables him to be all over the city with no rhyme or reason and helps him keep an eye on what he can do to defend those unable to defend themselves as per his duties as the bearer.

 He came to the Storm Patrol’s attention after only a few weeks of activity when, following some directions from Betony, they found him helping firefighters save a group of people trapped on the top story of a burning building. After chatting and exchanging cell numbers they promised to call him when they needed the extra help, which they inevitably did.


 Up until recently Aaron had a been sort of casual laid back guy with a bad sense of humor. Just going to school, work and getting mad when his mostly vacant roommate drank the last of the orange juice and didn’t leave a note. The sword changed all of that. Now he fills every moment of his waking day, and most of his sleeping night thanks to the dreams, completely wrapped up in superheroing. He is beginning to feel more than a little overwhelmed.


Relationships with team mates:

Sun Wolf is cool and level headed. Which seems pretty necessary is this line of work. She is the one he would chose to listen to in any of the situations that they find themselves in.

Grande is a cool guy and is fun to hang around with and seems like someone you want at your back. But man he has terrible taste in names.

He has no idea what to make of Roland. He seems like a smart guy for a cat. Roland just needs to give some warning when he talks in your head.

Betony is level headed but seems wound really tight. Even though she has been doing this forever he can relate to her a bit more than the others on the team.