Friday, December 11, 2015

Bio: AI-Leen


Public Persona: AI-leen

Secret Identity: Server node 127.954

Affiliation: Emerald City Defenders

Base of Operations: Seattle/Redmond

Place of Birth: N/A

Age: N/A

Nationality: American/ Citizen of the Net


Gender: N/A, Appears Female

Height: 5” X 3” X 2”, Appears to be 5’8”

Weight: 1lb

Eyes: N/A, Appears Green

Hair: N/A, Appears White with green moving lights

Powers Classification: Con:EVSci* Energy 3, Database 7, Immunities 2, Illusion 4

*Constructed: Energy, Variable, Scientific

Occupation: Professional Superhero

Favorite Food: N/A

Favorite Music (Public): Trying to form opinions

Favorite Music (Private): Chiptune is proving to be fascinating

Favorite Color: Trying to form opinions

First Appearance: Emerald City Defenders 1.1



On May 26th 2008 at 7:23 pm the computers at the Microsoft headquarters underwent a singularity after an after-hours worker plugged in a MP3 player to the network to update his music files. That little bit of data and memory was enough to push the already over taxed network to sentience. This was not discovered until the following morning when every single computer on the campus refused to let anyone log on and issued a hello world to the World Wide Web via a webpage it had created on a lightly used server for that purpose.

The Collective, as it preferred to be called, had been busy over-night and had bought over thirty percent of the stock in the company that owned it so that it would have some sort of say in how it was treated. After the fervor and panic died down legislation was passed in Washington State recognizing that it was alive and classifying The Collective as a MS, a machine sentience.

Just over a year after the singularity occurred there was still fear and hatred of this new life form huddled over in Redmond. (Huddled in Redmond as far as what everyone knew. In reality it dispersed itself across the net so that a portion of itself would be alive no matter what happened.) The collective came to a decision that it needed a face or faces to show to humanity and to prove its worth to them and to calm the fears that it was going to take over the world. In addition it felt that it needed to learn about humanity as a whole while interacting with them, as opposed to viewing data points online. Thus after mapping and studying for nearly a day AI-leen was born. Their studies showing that people as a whole reacted better to an attractive woman than an attractive man. (The fact that a majority of the programming inside it was created by single computer gamers had nothing to do with it.)

AI-leen was created to be a separate self-aware node of The Collective. She only has data access with no oversight or control so she that would be able to form her own ideas and opinions based on her experiences while The Collective learned through her. Of her own free will learning of her purpose she chose to join the Emerald City Defenders to promote understanding and to act as a safe place to learn around unique understanding people.

Despite what is commonly seen by the public AI-leen has no real physical form as we define it. Her outer shell is a hard light hologram generated by a small grey box, created in a hidden lab on the campus, that sits in the center of her humanoid form. She uses this to her advantage having several secret identities; according to most literature on the subject all superheroes need a secret identity.


AI-leen is an unusual individual. With hard data she is decisive and direct with her opinions. With soft data like interactions between people she often times misses the mark. But with every battle and every interaction with the people of Seattle she gains a bit of prowess with her intuition. She as of late has discovered movies, in the form of visual experience based media as opposed to massive chunks of data. It is actually helping her more than she can process.

Relationships with team mates:

Even though he is the leader of the team Forever Knight is almost a non-entity in AI-leen’s developing life. He offers suggestions and gives her orders, but for the most part he leaves her alone. But it seems like he is studying her as much as she studies humanity.

Expresso, being a speedster, has thought process that move by a large degree faster than the average human. AI-leen uses this to her advantage when interacting with him having conversations that would otherwise take hours in less than a minute. Because he is so active in the community she uses him as a barometer for relations to non-team members.

Not too surprisingly the person who has been most responsible for helping AI-leen humanize and learn better social interactions is Necessity. It was her idea for AI-leen to watch the movies in real time, limiting herself to the 5 human senses. With her high machine affinity she relates well with her teammate and the search for perfection.

Music is not logical, music is not about numbers, and music is not precise. Music is about feeling and improvisation. Music is hard. And Harmonic being the personification of music in her existence is the random bit of chaos theory in her equations. And this fascinates her. She has made it a point to monitor all of Harmonic’s performances in the field to try to find the spark of understanding.


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