Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bio: Harmonic


Public Persona: Harmonic      

Secret Identity: Harman Prescott      

Affiliation: Emerald City Defenders

Base of Operations: Seattle

Place of Birth: Bellevue, Washington

Age: 25

Nationality: American


Gender: Male

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 160

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Sky Blue

Powers Classification: M:BEV - Sound 6, Immunities 1, Charm 2

*Mutation: Biological, Energy, Variable

Occupation: Professional Superhero

Favorite Food: Bar Nachos

Favorite Music (Public): Dio

Favorite Music (Private): Beethoven

Favorite Color: Black

First Appearance: Emerald City Defenders 1.1



Harman is the second of two children born to a well off family. His parents spared no expense for their children. The best toys, the best nannies, the best schools, the best tutors, the best schools. Their lives were planned and scheduled in minute detail. Unlike his brother Emmerson, Harmon was not the best student. He really only excelled at his music lessons. He was a member of a choral group from age nine until fourteen when his voice cracked. Six times over a period of two years. Just as soon as it started to stabilize it went all crazy again.

This turned out to be the onset of his mutant musical talents.

His parents were fairly horrified as soon as the genetic testing came back. With a flurry of incriminations between his parents of whose bloodline was responsible they ended up simply ignoring him. Not paying his extra music classes, forgetting his birthday, cutting off his allowance and devoting all their attention on their “perfect child” Emmerson. At seventeen one day he filled a backpack full of warm clothes grabbed his favorite boots and his second hand leather jacket and simply left. No one noticed.

Even though his family had given him a rough time Harman still was fairly optimistic, he could still sing and he had made quite a few contacts in the local music industry. He used those contacts to make money by singing backing vocals for the local stars and act as cheap vocal effects. He couch surfed for a year or two honing his talent and making lifelong friends from all walks of life.

His heroic awakening happened at a concert. A faulty chain motor gave way causing the lighting truss hanging above the crowd to start to collapse. With a shout of “NO!” his voice managed to deflect the collapsing steel and electrical conduit toward a side wall where it crashed saving dozens of lives.

He walked into the Emerald City Defenders head office the next day to apply. Quite successfully.


Harman is a hard worker. Everything he now owns or can do is owed strictly to his own hard work and perseverance. He is not adverse to accepting charity, but he remembers how much it meant to him and tries to give back as often as he can. His whole life up to this point has honed him to know what he is capable of and to go for it. Harmonic for all the difficulty he experienced can relax and enjoy life, he does know that happiness is fleeting and doesn’t hesitate to experience it all.

Relationships with team mates:

Forever Knight is a stabilizing presence in his life. He is easy to get along with and very dependable. His wisdom and advice has come in handy, and will again. But for some reason he reminds him of Lando...

The digital diva is somewhat odd. It is like she is his biggest fan. But in a subtitle and low key way that she is almost ashamed to admit. But she is a machine; she can’t be embarrassed or ashamed... Can she?

Expresso is dependable, friendly and fun loving. He is a fun guy to hang out with in the down times. Harmonic owes him his life several times over due to the saves from all sorts of debris, including a flaming crocodile that one time. He does plan on paying him back for all the saves somehow.

There is just something about the girl. That smart, nerdy, tough, innocent, and completely odd at times. But she is fun to be with and has a contagious energy. She is everything he wants and more. But he is afraid to pull the trigger; if you get too close people can just drop you and leave you flat. He doesn’t want that, especially with her.


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