Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bio: Necessity


Public Persona: Necessity      

Secret Identity: Vanessa Chambers               

Affiliation: Emerald City Defenders

Base of Operations: Seattle

Place of Birth: Kent, Washington

Age: 22

Nationality: American


Gender: Female

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 100

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Powers Classification: H:TecICr* Machine Affinity 6, Hardware 3, Intelligence – 4, Immunities 1

*Hereditary: Technical, Intuitive, Creative

Occupation: Professional Superhero

Favorite Food: Cheeze in a can

Favorite Music (Public): Metallica

Favorite Music (Private): Lady Gaga

Favorite Color: Blue

First Appearance: Emerald City Defenders 1.1



First there was the time, at nine months old, that she made her mobile in the crib make ever changing shadow puppets. Then at six she fixed the toilet so that it would wash the dog, Mr Growler kept 90% of his hair but avoided that part of the house for the rest of his life. Her father knew he had something special and unique with her. Establishing ground rules he let her off on as many tangents as she wanted. He was careful to make sure his little girl had options. After she was able to start reading at a college level by age four he began to leave books of science, math, history, classic literature and technical theory all over the house for her to look through and enjoy. She devoured all kinda of media and information, black and white movies, 3d Epics, CDs 8-tracks, antique  wax recordings, hundreds of hours of  cartoons, all of it. It was hard to not marvel and shake one’s head at the random of assortment of creations that littered the family junk yard thanks to her many influences and loves.

Seeing his little girl surpass him in creative potential after she asked him to patent her “lighter steel” formula, her third patent, made Hardwire the proudest papa of all time. Nothing was too good for her. Tutors, random super heroic acquaintances, local engineers, junk men and even a very polite mad inventor or two all made their stops by the junk yard to help her grow up to be an intelligent odd young woman.

She wasn’t isolated from the world by any means; she just had more fun building stuff than she did relating to other kids her age. It was late in her teens when she decided it was time to figure out her life’s path. It wasn’t that hard to decide that she wanted to be a superhero. After all the best junk in the junk yard was from the genius inventors and mad scientists that super teams defeated and dropped off at her father’s place. And being part of a team meant she had first dibs.


Vanessa lives in her own little world, that others visit. A world of grease, electricity, the occasional small explosion and movies. If there is a movie opening on a night she is not busy at work she is in the middle of the theater enjoying herself. She can get distracted fairly easily and can zone out and isolate herself while on a project she is involved in. But once you break through her accidental isolation you are in for life. Her extended family is the greatest thing in her life. Well that and the triple tungsten mega spanner she got on her 14th birthday.

Relationships with team mates:

Forever Knight is too set in his ways. He should try new stuff. She knows that given a couple of hours she could add a few things to his armor that could blow his socks off. And after she fixed that, his armor could do even cooler things than being neigh-invulnerable and making an awesome sword.

The coolest thing about AI-leen is that she listens. Having someone that she can converse with about the most random thing is great. Her data has helped more than once when Vanessa got stuck mid project. Although it is kinda boring watching movies with her, she just sits there.

Expresso doesn’t hang out much with her. Yeah he is a nice guy and all but, it almost seems like he is just there to put in required team time. He is just so very busy. It is hard to really spend more than a few minutes at a time with him.

He doesn’t know it but Harmonic is the one. The aetheric wave sequencing sub-psi resonator said so. Too many romantic movies had people who were destined to be together not know it until it was too late. At 14 she decided that that was not going to happen to her. Without telling anybody she built a small device that would register her soul-mate, the person she was destined to be with, the person her aura and sub-psionic frequencies meshed perfectly with.  Harmonic triggered it the first time she exposed it to him. Of course she didn’t tell him what she was doing. What would be the point of that?


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