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Terrors From Beyond

Terrors from Beyond



In 1947 a spacecraft crashed in Roswell New Mexico. It was a small probe ship with a pair of condemned criminals inside was sent to Earth with the express purpose of causing an incident to give the Vrall a reason to start hostilities. The crash went according to plan and the ensuing frenzy and autopsies were successfully used as an excuse for the Vrall to launch an attack on earth to “Avenge” their fallen comrades.


They made a serious blunder though. The Vrall Empire was technologically stagnant and had not seen any major technological improvements in nearly 2 centuries. They assumed that the Earth being part of the galactic backwater would have similar advancement rates. It obviously didn’t. When they arrived in 1963 their battle cruisers were not sufficient to take the Earth by the overwhelming force that they were expecting.


After several weeks of assaults and attacks the remaining battle cruisers tried to flee back to their home world. In an effort to escape several of them detonated C-Bombs, which were warheads that split the Carbon Atom, over major population centers. 4 of the 5 were stopped by heroic sacrifice of the men and women of the Earth. The fifth decimated a lone research outpost in the Antarctic. Despite years of study it is unknown to this day what was so important or dangerous at that spot that would cause a whole battle cruiser to panic and bomb it.


Appearance, biology and psychology:

The Vrall are a 7’ - 8’ tall crocidilian race with dusky green scales and red eyes with vertical pupils. They are very sensitive to cold. Their skin is hardened due to excessive radiation from their planets binary suns. Which makes them incredibly resistant to their own weapons.

Each city is governed by a brood mother who is responsible for laying the eggs of her brood. More territory means more food and space for the brood and more power for the mother. Her chosen children act as generals and war leaders. She tells them her wishes and they fulfill it.

Warlike demeanor, prefer close combat and shorter ranged energy weaponry. They follow a strict hierarchy. Prone to overconfidence then blind panic once their morale is broken.



Vrall invasions/Major Incidents

1947 – Roswell. First contact/Crash

1963 – North America. Invasion 1

1975 – South America. Invasion 2

1989 – Australia. Invasion 3

1996 – North America East coast. Invasion 4. Ended before it began due to blizzard

2006 – Southern Europe. Invasion 5.


It is said by some that you are not a super hero unless you have punched a Vrall in the face.

They are currently at open war with the Dvyjkk Collective.



Dvyjkk Collective


Several centuries ago the Dvyjkk determined that their species evolution had hit its pinnacle and found the individual with the most perfect genetic makeup. They then used that genetic material to clone bodies and phased out the older less perfect forms.

All bodies are exactly identical initially. Age, accidents and life in general make changes that enable a non Dvyjkk to identify specific individuals.

The collective has a high technological base and relies heavily on low grade AI equipped androids.

Their primary goal is to expand their knowledge bank by any means necessary. If they want to see how gravitons react to a sun they will bombard it, giving little care to the fact that there is a civilization on the worlds that will be wiped out with the destruction of the sun.


Appearance, biology and psychology:

The Dvyjkk are the greys that have visited earth for nearly the last 100 years. They are short, with bulbous heads, large black eyes with small noses and mouths. Physically they are weak and easily overpowered.

They are lowly telepathic within their own species. Each Dvyjkk is an individual, but they can access the overall Collective at any time they with.

Aberrant individuals pop up occasionally with no connection to the mind collective. They are typically hunted down and killed. But some have been known to go rogue and escape off planet.

All other races are lesser beings according to the Dvyjkk. To be used or discarded at will. They are not after all perfect like they are. While not actively hostile. Their indifference can be deadly.



Major Incidents

10/24/1886 - First Contact with Earth, Maracaibo Venezuela

1902-1908 – First base on dark side of the moon.

1962 – Probing begins

1998 – Probing ends. Official apology issued to Alabama, Kentucky and Mississippi



They are currently at open war with the Vrall.


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