Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bio: Forever Knight


Public Persona: Forever Knight

Secret Identity: Jacob Whitetower

Affiliation: Emerald City Defenders

Base of Operations: Seattle

Place of Birth: Nashville, Tennessee

Age: 45

Nationality: American


Gender: Male

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 240

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Powers Classification: O:TecCrEn*, Strength 4, Defense 5, Energy 4, Intelligence 1

*Object: Technical, Creative, Enhancement

Occupation: Professional Superhero

Favorite Food: Spareribs

Favorite Music (Public): Johnny Cash

Favorite Music (Private): Kylee Minogue

Favorite Color: Blue

First Appearance: Emerald City Defenders 1.1



Growing up there seemed to be nothing really special about Jacob Whitetower. He grew up in a normal middle class family to normal middle class parents. His father was a construction foreman and his mother was an elementary school teacher. He spent a lot of time in the park playing in the temple of Athena there.

High school was normal. His relaxed attitude made him a decent number of friends and he did decently with the ladies. He did well in the physical sciences and was a member of the drama club. He graduated in the solid upper middle of his class of 1988.

It was after high school when he went to college at Tennessee State University for electrical engineering that he started to shine. He roomed with a student named Eugene who was studying practical applications of quantum theory. They got along great. The quiet bookish Eugene and the friendly Jacob were inseparable. Jacob introduced Eugene to girls and drink and Eugene introduced Jacob to transdimensional energy. Their friendship and exposure to each other’s field of study spawned a collaboration.

One slightly intoxicated weekend and a breakthrough in their research combined to form the suit of battle armor that would be called The Forever Knight Mk1. Apparently beer and a dimensional energy tap equal superherodom. They took turns piloting the armor and developing upgrades. But eventually that paled for Eugene as it took time away from his hard research. He happily gave Jacob full rights and ownership to the suit. Jacob on the other hand found his true calling.

Nearly a year of solo work and nearly dropping out of school culminated in an invite to join the Emerald City Defenders in Seattle. With Eugene’s blessing Jacob headed up north to join.

Fifteen years later He was still there and now promoted to the team’s primary leadership position. He couldn’t be happier. Well if it was a bit warmer in the summer, he’d be happier.


Jacob is really laid back. He is confident in his position, his abilities and his team mates. What more could a superhero need. His suave demeanor has really helped make inroads to the community since he has been here. Even though he doesn’t seem it he is actually very dedicated to his job and takes it very seriously.

Relationships with team mates:

The Machine Sentience that is AI-leen is an interesting problem for him. On one hand she is a fully functioning hyper intelligent adult and a member of his team. On the other hand she has zero practical experience with virtually anything. Sometimes it is like watching a child play act as an adult. He knows he can rely on her for information and specific goal oriented tasks. But not interfacing with the people in the city or in more chaotic situations, at least not yet.

When Expresso joined up five years ago already bearing his now infamous costume he didn’t know what to think. It took a while and a few missions for the city but he got a feel for him. And what he leaned that the boy has his heart in a good place. He just needs to slow down sometimes and experience life sometimes and not just rush through it.

Necessity is a smart girl, but she is still a semi sheltered young girl. Growing up with companions you built for yourself or interacted with over the internet hasn’t given her much to work with in his opinion. He does have a paternal pride in her and her absolute oddness though. And watching her and Harmonic dance around their attractions has its funny moments.

For a guy with one real trick Harmonic certainly gives it his all. He has a good heart, a load of charisma, more courage than he knows what to do with and a big helping of talent. Now if he would man up and ask the girl out his life would be better.


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